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Hear what others have to say ...

“2010 was not a good year for me; 2 miscarriages, sinus surgery (that didn't work) & diagnosed with sarcoidosis of lung. I was so unwell & my prospects of having a healthy pregnancy didn't seem positive. I contacted Aine & I haven't looked back! My health has improved so much thanks to Aine's treatments. I'm happy to say I'm 34 weeks into a pregnancy also! A dream come true! Aine has changed my life in so many positive ways. She is an excellent therapist & a really lovely person too. I cannot recommend Aine highly enough. I continue to visit Aine & cannot imagine not having her treatments. I have so much to be thankful to Aine for." Asumpta - Galway

"Being somewhat skeptical with regard to alternative treatments, but having very little success with conventional medicine, I booked in to have acupuncture treatment with Aine Delaney. I am genuinely surprised and delighted with the results! It's truly astounding and my back pain, nerve pain and headache have gone for most of the time now. I will be continuing every month or so to maintain the results I have achieved and I am so grateful to have found someone who is dedicated and really good at what they do. Thank you for a first rate experience." Sheila ... Sweden and Galway

“Aine has a way with backs that no other back specialist has. In 10 minutes she managed to correct my leg length difference (due to scoliosis) with no heavy manipulation of clicks. She is more effective than any other osteopath or back therapist I've seen. I leave feeling normal and lighter. My back feels straight again and my posture balanced. My very first session using the PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency) for the first time proved to give such relief to a sore back.” J.F - Galway

“Three months after being diagnosed by my doctor with shingles, and having used all conventional medicine and finding no relief from medicine or ointments, I consulted Aine Delaney for Ondamed therapy combined with Acupuncture. My pain levels were at 9/10. After the first appointment, my pain levels went down to 7/10. They continued to go down and after several treatments I am now virtually pain free. I would highly recommend this treatment and regret not having started this therapy once the pain came after taking the anti-virals..” Margaret K.. Gort, County Galway, Ireland.

“Aine is absolutely one of the best. A very caring generous soul. She is helping me cope with a lot of pain at the moment.”  Jean P - Galway

“Thanks Aine, you and your magic formulas did wonders for my kidney infection.

I would highly recommend Aine. She is experienced,knowledgeable and very friendly."

Michelle H - Galway

“Áine treated me with acupuncture and Ondamed therapy. She was always so kind and caring and I found the treatment really really helpful. I even traveled from Limerick to Galway for all of my treatments!”  Aine N - Limerick

“Had a great relaxing session with Aine. I find her work great for helping to build up my immune system. Thanks”. Mary K - Galway

“Thanks to Aine Delaney, I am now capable of returning to my fitness program, after her invaluable and professional support, she has managed to help me successfully repair a calf muscle strain that I had been having issues with."  Stephen C - Galway

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