Cardiovascular Health at The Crane Clinic

The Crane Clinic Cardiovascular Screening with Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultations.

“My father had heart disease and his mother before him had heart disease. I’m a bit concerned about my own heart health.”

Does this ring a bell with you? 

Our genetic makeup doesn’t necessarily mark out whether or not we will get certain conditions – although they do certainly play an important role.

At the Crane Clinic, we embrace the concept of epigenetics which suggests that our genes respond to our behaviour and our environment and simply put, can be ‘turned on or off’.

Factors in our control that can contribute to, or make heart disease a less likely reality

How you eat, how much you move, how you manage stress and your exposure to environmental toxins can all contribute to your blood pressure levels, your cholesterol levels, the levels of sugar in your blood, inflammatory conditions of the heart and your overall heart health.

To manage and care for your heart health, we ask what are the root causes of risk factors like high blood sugar or abnormal cholesterol in the first place, as opposed to treating these risk factors – which is sometimes necessary & is the work of your trusted GP. More & more research is showing that changing your nutrition & lifestyle research is showing that changing

your nutrition & lifestyle can be a very powerful intervention to prevent and manage heart disease. 

Why Cardiovascular Screening?

We know that Cardiovascular Disease, including heart disease and stroke takes more lives than any other disease in society. In Ireland, and here in Galway we are lucky to have state of the art surgical and medical interventions should we ever be in the position to require same. However, if we want to take the first steps in prevention, we need to take measures.

Alongside nutrition & lifestyle interventions, our screening programme will go a long way to show us the condition of

your heart and the flexibility of your arteries by measuring central aortic systolic pressure (CASP)- the pressure at the centre of your heart. This is a more accurate measurement of your blood pressure than standard blood pressure measurement.

Critical data on the stiffness of your arteries for your age will be obtained which can help identify your vulnerability to cardiovascular disease and detect problems before they potentially become dangerous or even life threatening. We want our arteries to be flexible and elastic – In this state, we are less likely to experience ‘clogging’ of the arteries, heart attacks and strokes. 

We will be recommending patients seek advanced cardiovascular screening available here in Galway via their GP should they report any red flags during the consultation or have any concerns about their heart health. Look on The Crane Clinic screening, lifestyle & Nutrition consultation as one of the first steps in pushing back on potential heart disease

Having an understanding of vascular health could prove vital for your long term health. We look forward to seeing you at the Crane Clinic soon to help you care for and manage your heart health. 

What Screening Technology do we use?

Cardio Pulse wave analysis is a form of non-invasive, vascular and cardiac screening technology that give you a baseline of your heart health within roughly 20 minutes. Typically your blood pressure is taken by a blood pressure cuff on the arm and measures a single beat of your heart on the brachial artery at a single moment in time. But there is a means to get a more accurate picture of your blood pressure.


Our Heart Screening technology - Cardio Pulse-Wave testing - produces immediate results which are interpreted by the Registered Nurse who carries out the screening. The BPro Cardio Pulse-Wave Device has been patented by HealthSTATS International Pte Ltd. This technology accurately measures that Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP). CASP is the blood pressure measured at the root of the aorta (the largest artery in the body), as the blood is being pumped out of the heart. CASP has been shown to be helpful in identifying whether you have potential underlying vascular disease.

Who Should Consider the programme?

People with a family history of heart attack or stroke, diabetics, smokers or those with high blood pressure are most at risk of heart disease and stroke in particular should benefit from the Screening, Lifestyle and Nutrition programme at The Crane Clinic.

What does the programme involve?

In the space of roughly an hour, your cardiovascular health test will be completed by our Registered Nurse and you will be seen by The Crane Clinics Registered Nutritional Therapist who, after discussing your results with the nurse and also a 1:1 consultation with you, will provide you with science backed nutrition and lifestyle advice, based on your individual Heart health needs.

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