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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is used to balance and support the body for many health conditions and can be used safely along with mainstream medicine to enhance the success of your current treatment.  Acupuncture is considered appropriate treatment for many conditions including asthma/bronchitis, colitis/haemorrhoids, anxiety, insomnia,  fertility and menstrual issues, ear nose and throat issues such as earaches, hay fever, tinnitus. More about acupuncture...

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"Acupuncture is an holistic health technique that can treat

a wide variety of pain and stress related systems."

Treatments offered

Acupuncture enhances the energy or electrical system of the body, which runs through channels called Meridians. This energy flow is regulated by inserting fine needles into strategic points located on the energy channels on the body and enables the body to heal. Traditional Chinese Medicine includes other modalities, such as Cupping, Chinese Patent Herbs and moxibustion. 

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